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April 29, 2010
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"Equal Opportunity" stamp by Dr-Nusakan "Equal Opportunity" stamp by Dr-Nusakan
yes, i did make a stamp. feel free to kill me now.

ANYWAY, background words say:
"race" "religion" "appearance" "species" "age" "sexuality" "gender" and "alignment"

basically, what this stamp means...
none of the above are barriers when it comes to shipping, for me. at the same time, i think very hard about my pairings. i don't just throw characters together because they look good together; in fact, the "appearance" portion in the background there should represent the antithesis of this shallow theory. chemistry can happen between all kinds of individuals from all kinds of backgrounds and societies.
let me emphasize that i DO NOT SHIP EVERYTHING. while i SUPPORT all pairings, i do NOT ship a lot of them personally. i also do not support canon x OC pairings as serious romance, simply because they're so far out of canon. they're not "realistic" to me. they can be fun to think about, yes, but i do not support them. if that makes sense. xD

at any rate, yeah. equal-opportunity shipping! feel free to use this if you feel the same way. comments are open for debate and questions. :V
PuccaZeldaPPGFan Jun 25, 2011  Student Artist
I couldn't agree more! :nod: Just because someone looks and acts differently from that person doesn't mean they don't like each other.

I.e A stereotypical jock guy dates your average snooty stuck up cheerleader. However, he has real feelings for your kinda pretty, nerdish, sorta-low-on-self-esteem 'quiet girl'

But yeah the pairing should make sense.
Like because the jock met the quiet girl years ago when they were kids and was kind toward him--

wow i'm playin' storyteller again. My point is that I agree!
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